Best Adjustable Campfire Grill Grate

If you love campfires, at some point you will be looking for a grill grate you can throw on top to sizzle up a great meal. But, cooking with an open flame means that conditions can change during your cook and this can be tricky and pretty intense if you don’t have quality equipment.

Because of this, I choose the Titan Stainless Steel Adjustable Tuscan Campfire Grill because of its portability, different height settings that are easy to adjust even over a fire, and the fact that the stainless steel will hold up for years, and most importantly, won’t make my grill fall flat over the campfire.

You can buy a camping grill grate at most big box stores, and I have experience with the types of grates they sell, but have been far from impressed.

Most of them are super light-weight and portable, which is nice, but the fact that they simply fold open to set over the fire and only have one height means that you have to get lucky and have a fire that is the exact right height and temperature for your cook.

Also, these grates are usually flimsy and won’t hold up for long. The fold out legs are difficult to position level over the fire, and trying to adjust it while it is over an open-flame AND has your steak on top is not the most fun.

Reasons I choose the Titan Tuscan Grill

  • Designed to be easy to adjust-This grill has 3 height settings that you can change with handles on the grate, so if breeze picks up and stokes your fire, it’s easy to raise your cooking surface and you won’t burn your bacon.
  • Stainless Steel Construction-Any other campfire grill grate I have encountered looks and feels like it won’t last long and getting the legs to sit right is a chore. This grill is stainless steel and will probably be the last one I need to buy. Plus, I’m not worried that it’s going to fall over when I’m using it.
  • Grease pan-Cooking bacon on a camping grill grate can be a scary experience when the bacon grease flames up. The Titan grate is slightly angled back so that grease will travel along the grate and drip into a build-in grease pan. Not only is this safer for you, but it also will mean fewer flare-ups that will burn your meal.

One thing that I do with the Titan Tuscan grill came with is a griddle attachment. I knew before I made the purchase that this wasn’t an option, but decided that the Tuscan had everything else I was looking for and bought it anyway. I decided that I would rather get the best grill grate I could and can search for a separate, high-quality griddle pan for it later.

Things to look for in a campfire grill grate

When looking for a campfire grill grate, keep the following things in mind:

  • Quality-You do not want to be messing with something shaky or sketchy over an open-flame. If the legs look flimsy, you probably won’t be happy with it when using it over the campfire.
  • Portability-There are some grill grates that swivel on a post you stick in the ground. This is nice until you have a campfire where the dirt around your fire is hard as concrete. This style would be better suited for a backyard fire pit where you will leave it in the ground. Also, ask yourself if it will it fit easily in your vehicle.
  • Adjustable-If your budget only allow the type of grill grate where the legs fold down and sit at one height, by all means go with that. I love campfire cooking and any grate is better than no grate, in my opinion! But, if you have a little more to spend, you will not be sorry snagging a grill where you can adjust to different heights. Flare-ups and changing conditions are the nature of campfires so having the ability to change and adjust to that is handy.
  • Size-Think about how many people you will be cooking for. For a small family or fewer, lugging in a huge grate is overkill, but if you have many mouths to feed, a tiny cooking surface means people will have to wait longer for their food.