Best Campfire Tripod For Convenience & Safety

Lodge camping tripod set up on a fire in front of a lake with a dutch oven hanging on it.

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Interested in buying a campfire tripod so you can smell your supper cooking low and slow all day? Below is my top pick for campfire tripods and a bonus suggestion if stability is your main concern.

The campfire tripod I chose and own is the Lodge 60″ Tall Boy tripod. I have used it several times with dutch ovens and am really happy with my choice. There is a smaller 43.5″ model also available, but I like the versatility the larger 60″ version offers. Find the current price for the Lodge Tall Boy here on Amazon.

Reasons I choose the Lodge 60″ Tall Boy Tripod

Quality-Full dutch ovens weigh a ton and I even struggle sometimes to move one on and off of a fire. Because of this, the main thing I was looking for was quality construction. The last thing I want is a flimsy tripod that I have to struggle with over an open-flame while trying to wrestle a heavy (and boiling) pot of chili. The Lodge tripods are all-steel construction and look and feel like they will hold up for generations.

Close-up of Lodge Tall Boy Camping Tripod

Lodge Name-I am not usually someone that cares about brand names, but when it comes to a decision like this where there are a ton to choose from, it made a difference for me. This is a piece of equipment that can not only ruin your supper if it fails, but it can also be incredibly dangerous. My dutch ovens are Lodge and I bought them for their high-quality, so I trusted that their tripod would be no different. I do feel confident while using this tripod that it will stay put and hold everything as it is supposed to.

One thing that I wish this tripod had was a chain that you can adjust during the cook. With this tripod, you need to take the dutch oven off before you adjust the chain height. It is really easy to do, but anytime you move the dutch oven is an opportunity to drop or spill it.

Some other brands have adjustable chains, but I still decided to go with the Lodge tripod because I still think high-quality materials and construction outweigh the convenience of adjusting the chain height mid-cook.

Plus, I realize that the mechanism other tripods have that you can use to adjust the chain while you are cooking is one more place for failure. I chose the more simple, but more secure design with the Lodge since it is used over an open-flame and safety is such a concern, and I’m still happy that I made the choice I did as I really don’t have to adjust the dutch oven height during the cook that often anyway.

Find the current price for the Lodge Tall Boy tripod here on Amazon.

If you want even more stability and easier set-up…

I own the Lodge Tall Boy tripod and that is the one I am recommending for the reasons above, BUT, if I had to buy a different one I would go with the Bruntmore Grill Swing Stand. This works just like a tripod, but actually has a 4th leg and is shaped like a swing set.

What this design does for you is it offers you the option to put it over a campfire that is already burning. The legs simply pull away from each other when you set it up, which is easier for folks new to campfire cooking who struggle with setting up a tripod securely.

One other thing this design allows for is to cook multiple things at once since it has the top rail. It comes with different lengths of hooks and an adjustable grill grate and these can be configured so that you are cooking an entire dinner at once. I have seen where a camper is cooking 2 different sides and a whole chicken all at the same time.

The Lodge Tall Boy tripod is the best all-around campfire tripod that will make any open-fire cook happy for years to come, but the Bruntmore Grill Swing is great if you struggle to get a tripod set up correctly or if you want to cook more dishes at once. Find the current price for the Bruntmore Grill Swing here on Amazon.