Smokeless fire pits from Blue Sky Outdoor Living are easy to use and high-quality, but they also have many accessories available for their pits that can enhance your campfire time even further.

So what accessories for the Blue Sky fire pits are available and are they worth it? Keep reading to find out!

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Protective Cover

protective cover

Every model of smokeless patio fire pit from Blue Sky Outdoor Living has a protective cover available.

Some smaller models come with one and they can be purchased separately with the larger models.

Each of the protective covers are made from a durable and water-resistant fabric.

The covers for the round Peak and Mammoth fire pits have handles to easily pull the cover on and off, and features a drawstring at the bottom to keep out the elements.

For the square Mammoth the and rectangular and square Peak, the cover’s design is pointed at the top to allow precipitation to roll off, and they also has side vents to not trap moisture inside.

portable bag for the product

The portable fire pits from Blue Sky Outdoor, the Ridge and Pike, come with their own protective cover that also doubles as a carrying case.

Spark Screen and Lifter

spark screen works well with wood fire

Keeping embers and sparks from leaving the fire is easy with the optional spark screen available as an accessory for Blue Sky fire pits.

The high-quality grates sit firmly on top of the smokeless fire pits and are easily lifted on and off with the included screen lifter tool.

pit shown with spark screen on top and lid lifter situated next to it

In our experience, the spark screen is a must have accessory when burning wood in a Blue Sky fire pit.

These are available for all models except the Blue Sky Pike ultra portable fire pit.

Table Top Accessory

blue sky fire pit accessory, the table top

Why not use your Blue sky fire pit even when you’re not having a fire in it?

The table top accessory available for the larger fire pits from Blue Sky Outdoor Living allows your smokeless fire pit to double as a coffee table when not in use.

the table top Blue Sky Peak fire pit accessory on the pit sitting between two lounge chairs

This durable and high-quality metal top has a shiny finish and simply sits on top of the burn chamber in the pits, making it function as a table and also helping to protect the inside of the fire pit from rain.

Blue Sky Outdoor Grill

Another way to get more use from your smokeless Blue Sky firepit is with the swing away grill accessory.

This sturdy grill can be staked into the ground next to a campfire or a Blue Sky fire pit and the lip around the edge of the grill keeps your food on top of the grill, where it belongs.

And, the height is adjustable so you can get the right temperature for whatever you are cooking.

When you are done grilling, you can easily rotate the grill off of the flames.

Roasting Forks

Believe it or not, one of the best selling Blue Sky fire pit accessories is their set of extendable roasting forks for marshmallows and hot dogs.

The set of forks can be pulled out to 32″ and can be stored in the included storage bag when not in use.

These accessories for Blue Sky fire pits bring more fun and functionality to your outdoor time and backyard fun!

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