The round Mammoth patio fire pit from Blue Sky Outdoor Living is advertised being able to offer a smokeless fire to you and your family or guests.

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campfire in a large fire pit

Our Ratings

Performance: [star_bar stars=”4.75″ color=”#3B8EA5″]
Ease of Use: [star_bar stars=”5″ color=”#3B8EA5″]
Value: [star_bar stars=”5″ color=”#3B8EA5″]

But does the Blue Sky Mammoth live up to that promise? We tested this large sized smokeless fire pit so that you can see what you think before you buy!

After testing, we think the round Mammoth Smokeless Fire Pit from Blue Sky is perfect for anyone who wants a large fire that they can share with family and friends, and a fire pit that they plan on keeping in the backyard.

Why We Love It

Makes a great, hot fire
Firewood or pellet capability
No assembly
Smoke-free, especially with pellets
Handles standard-sized firewood

mammoth fire pit from blue sky outdoor living specifications


  • Weight: 85 lbs.
  • Diameter: 30″
  • Height: 18″
  • Material: Steel
  • Fuel: Firewood or Pellets
  • Warranty: 3 year limited (with receipt)

Want to see it in action? Watch our video review below!

Our Experience

There really was no assembly required with this fire pit.

It comes with the big burn chamber, an ash tray, and a grate that sits in the bottom and holds the firewood while also allowing ashes to fall through to the tray.

the ash catcher and grate on a picnic table
The ash tray and grate inside the pit

Our first test with the round Mammoth was having a firewood campfire.

First, I put a couple of handfuls of Stump Chunks natural fire starter in the center of the fire pit and made a pyramid of kindling that I cut using our Kindling Cracker.

stump chunks all natural fire starter on grass

Next, I layered the firewood, also in a teepee shape, all around the kindling.

The fire pit held 7, standard sized pieces of wood. Firewood is cut a little long at our house but I was still able to find plenty of pieces on the stack that easily fit.

I used my long-handled propane torch to light the fire starter and get the fire burning. With this, it lit very easily.

firewood burning in a mammoth fire pit

Once the initial 7 pieces of firewood were burning well, I did notice some smoke. There wasn’t a lot, but it was definitely noticable.

To see if a hotter fire would produce less smoke, I added several more pieces of firewood and my suspicions were correct. With more fuel and a hot fire, there was very little smoke coming from the Mammoth fire pit.

It held a great fire that would have been big enough to warm a group, for sure.

Next, we tested burning pellets in the round Blue Sky Mammoth. I chose Pit Boss pellets because the price was right.

pellet burning fire pit

All of the instructions for the Blue Sky pellet fire pits say to limit the pellets to only a 2″ layer, and Mammoth was no exception. Using more then that will cause the fire pit to produce more smoke.

I put a handful of the Stump Chunks next to edge on one side of the pit and used my torch to light it.

The pellets also lit very easily, but the Mammoth fire pit is so large, it would have taken the fire a long time to spread across the entire pit, so I added a few more handfuls in different places on top of the pellets and lit them all.

This fuel produced a significantly hotter fire than the firewood and there was zero detectable smoke.

Once the fire died out and the pit cooled, I used a broom to sweep the ashes onto the grate where they could fall into the ash tray.

I used the handles on the ash tray to easily lift it out and dump the ashes.

Learn more about our test with the Blue Sky Mammoth smokeless patio fire pit below!

Smokeless Design

Blue Sky Outdoor Living’s smokeless fire pits operate using a clever airflow system. Oxygen gets pulled in through vents at the outside and bottom of the pit. This oxygen travels up through a chamber around the fire and exits as superheated air through holes on the inside and top.

This hot air causes a secondary burn, sometimes visible as flames from the top holes. It helps burn up more particles, preventing them from turning into smoke and embers as they would in a traditional fire pit.

vents at the bottom of the burn chamber
holes around the top of the burn chamber of the pit

The Mammoth has an additional feature that Blue Sky calls the “top bezel” which is piece that sticks out around the top edge and directs more air (and smoke) leaving the pit back down into the fire.

This provides one more chance for the fire to burn up more smoke particles.

I saw this secondary burn in action with the wood fire once it was good and hot, and it was most evident during the pellet burn.

Blue Sky’s round Mammoth was completely smokeless when burning wood pellets, and gave a near smokeless fire once the wood fire got good and hot. For us, this wasn’t until after we added a second round of wood to fire.

Large Patio Fire Pit

The round Mammoth weighs in at over 90 lbs., so this isn’t an easy one to move around.

While it is definitely possible to move this to different spots in your backyard, or even in and out of your garage once a season, this isn’t a fire pit that you’ll want to throw in your truck and take camping or tailgating.

a photo showing the large sized pit

But, because of the large size, the fire is also bigger!

This held a great sized fire and the large burn chamber meant that I could just throw regular-sized firewood in this fire pit easily, which wasn’t the case with Blue Sky’s portable pits.

The fire was good and hot and large enough to warm a group of people, and also to cook over.

Dual Fuel Capability

One great feature of Blue Sky Outdoor Living’s smokeless fire pits is that they all have dual fuel capability, meaning you can burn either wood or pellets in the fire pit.


Using firewood was easy in the Mammoth fire pit because you didn’t have to search for smaller pieces or cut them to be a special size because this fire pit is big enough to handle standard firewood.

A wood burning fire in the Blue Sky Outdoor Living Mammoth patio fire pit

I used 7 pieces of wood to start the round Mammoth, and it lit and burned easily. But, once that burned down a bit I added more wood and this is where the Mammoth impressed me.

With only the initial firewood, I still saw some smoke and was a little disappointed. However, what I have found with the Blue Sky smokeless fire pits is that the hotter the fire, the better this smoke-free design works.

After putting on a second load of wood and heating it up, there was very little smoke, which was impressive considering the size of the fire.


The round Mammoth is also a pellet fire pit. While pellets cost more than firewood, they also have their advantages such as being clean and easy to store and safer when it comes to introducing evasive species and disease into the area.

The blue sky pellet fire pit burning pellets and seeing the secondary burn

All Blue Sky fire pits handle only 2″ of pellets at a time, and for the big Mammoth it took 30 lbs. of pellets to get there.

The pellets light easily with a handful of the Stump Chunks fire starter on top, and we ended up putting handfuls of this in several places on top of the pellets to get a more even burn across the entire pit.

Our original 2″ of pellets burned for around 50 minutes before it burned itself out.

Burning pellets in the round Mammoth made an incredibly hot fire, so if heat is something you are looking for, this will deliver!

Also, the pellet burn in the Mammoth fire pit was completely smokeless and, while it lacked the crackle of firewood, it put off a great smell.

Blue Sky Mammoth and Heat

The firewood burned hot in the Mammoth, but the pellets definitely brought the heat!

An infrared thermometer showing a reading on 582 degrees when pointed at the fire pit

Both fuels are capable of warming a group of people, so in the Mammoth you can’t go wrong with either firewood or pellets.

Heavy-Duty Steel Construction

Just like all Blue Sky smokeless fire pits, the Mammoth is crafted completely from steel, featuring sturdy welds and high-temperature paint.

There was no assembly at all with the round Mammoth fire pit and it’s hard to imagine where it could break or fail.

Accessories Available

If you purchase the fire pit on it’s own, it only comes with the pit, nothing more.

But, Blue Sky has a few accessories available for the round Mammoth patio fire pit, which makes it even easier to use and more versatile.

Spark Screen

The Blue Sky Mammoth with the spark screen and lifting tool accessory on top

We purchased our Mammoth smokeless fire pit as part of a bundle that includes the pit and a spark screen with a lifting tool for that screen.

I love these Blue Sky spark screens as they really help keeping sparks and embers from flying out of the fire pit when burning wood.

That lessens the chance of someone getting burned by a spark popping out, and also keeps the hot embers from spreading a fire outside of the pit.

Table top

A blue sky outdoor living accessory that turns this patio fire pit into a coffee table

One unique accessory Blue Sky offers on several of their fire pits is a table top that turns your pit into a coffee table when you aren’t using it.

This is great for the Mammoth as it is so heavy to lift that you can just put the top on it and still get use out of it in your backyard even when not having a fire.

I found the table top accessory to be really heavy-duty. It is made of high-quality metal and have a smooth and nice finish.

Protective Cover

The Mammoth blue sky fire pit with the protective cover accessory over it

Again, because the round Mammoth patio fire pit isn’t a good size to toss in the garage when not in use, having a cover available is helpful to protect it.

The cover for the round Mammoth fits it really well without being so tight that it is hard to put on or take off.

There is also a drawstring at the bottom so that you can cinch it up and keep more debris and critters out and keep the wind from blowing it off.

Pros and Cons


  • truly smokeless fire pit with pellets
  • very little smoke with firewood
  • big size for a group
  • dual fuel with wood pellets or firewood
  • accessories available
  • durable construction
  • easy to dump ashes out
  • handles standard size firewood


  • large and hard to move
  • can’t use on a deck
  • steel may rust
  • wood fire had a little smoke

Our Takeaways

This is one of my favorite fire pits from Blue Sky Outdoor Living so far because of the ease of tossing normal-sized wood in the fire and how little smoke it put out with firewood.

This pit would be perfect for people who love having a campfire for family or friends in their backyard.

But, if you are looking for a fire pit that you can use in your backyard but also take with you camping or to a tailgate, I would keep shopping.

However, if a patio fire pit is what you’re after, the Blue Sky Mammoth Smokeless fire pit is highly recommended.

flames coming out of the top of the mammoth from Blue Sky Outdoor Living


[star_bar stars=”4.75″ color=”#3B8EA5″]

The refined design of this large smokeless fire pit performed beyond my expectations.

I figured the pellets would make a smokeless fire, but was surprised how smoke-free the hot wood fire was once it got going.

Plus, there was no fuss in finding wood to fit in. It handles standard-sized pieces.

For this, we gave this patio fire pit 4.75 out of 5 stars for performance, with only a partial star taken away because, while it produced less smoke than a traditional fire pit, there was still a bit of detectable smoke when burning firewood.

Ease of Use

[star_bar stars=”5″ color=”#3B8EA5″]

Using the Blue Sky Mammoth was easy with both fuels, and both set up and cleaning were incredibly easy.

Plus, there was no assembly required at all, which was nice.

The optional accessories also bring an upgraded experience to the Mammoth, which we took into consideration.

Because of how simple this felt, we gave the Mammoth fire pit 5 out of 5 stars for ease of use.


[star_bar stars=”5″ color=”#3B8EA5″]

This isn’t a pit that you buy if you are looking for a bargain, but it is a fire pit that would be great for you if you are wanting to buy a high-quality product that you can use in your backyard for years to come.

Because of how well this burned, how easy it was to use, the durability, and the impressive size, we feel as though was got our money’s worth with this purchase.

Plus, we bought the Mammoth in a bundle with the spark screen, saving a little money.

For all of those reasons, we gave a full 5 out of 5 stars to the Blue Sky Mammoth for value.

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