The Peak smokeless fire pit from Blue Sky Outdoor Living has been recently redesigned to be more smoke free, easy to clean, and fuel efficient. Does it live up to its claims?

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Blue Sky Outdoor Living smokeless Peak fire pit in front of a lake

Our Ratings

Performance: [star_bar stars=”4″ color=”#3B8EA5″]
Ease of Use: [star_bar stars=”5″ color=”#3B8EA5″]
Value: [star_bar stars=”5″ color=”#3B8EA5″]

We think that the Peak fire pit from Blue Sky Outdoor Living is perfect for those that want a pit that is a great size for their backyard, but manageable enough that they can move around easily and even take camping or tailgating.

After researching and testing, there were many fantastic qualities with this product, but this pit may not be for everyone.

So who will love the Peak and who should keep browsing for something else? Keep reading to find out!

Why We Love It

Dual-fuel, burn wood or pellets
Durable construction
Versatile size
Little smoke with pellets
Good heat output
Spark screen & table cover option

patio fire pit on a picnic table


  • Weight: 36 lbs.
  • Diameter: 22″
  • Height: 16″
  • Material: Steel
  • Fuel: Wood or Wood Pellets
  • Warranty: 3 year limited (keep receipt)

Our Experience

Assembling the Blue Sky Outdoor Living Peak smokeless fire pit was as simple as placing the ash tray and grate inside the pit, no screwing things together.

Cat McCoury kneeling next to a fire pit

The size of this pit is something we really like because it is big enough to create a great fire, but at 36 lbs. it is also not too hard to carry around.

First, we tested this Blue Sky fire pit by burning wood.

wood burning in the blue sky outdoor peak pit

We started it by using small kindling under firewood we had set up in a pyramid shape, being careful to keep the wood under the top ring of holes. This is important for keeping the smoke to a minimum.

Using a handful of Stump Chunks natural fire starter under the kindling, it lit very easily.

stump chunks natural fire starter next to a blue sky outdoor pit

Once the fire heated up, there was some smoke coming from the Peak fire pit and I noticed when I went inside afterward that my clothes did smell of smoke as well.

However, in our next test we burned wood pellets and this was a completely different story.

We began by adding 2″ of Pit Boss brand pellets. The instructions said to not add more than 2″ of pellets at any time to keep the fire pit smoke free.

pit boss wood pellet bag next to one of blue sky outdoor fire pits

Add only 2″ of pellets for a more smoke-free burn.

I put a small pile of Stump Chunks fire starter on top and the fire started very easily.

While it lacked the crackle of a traditional campfire, it also didn’t seem to have any noticeable smoke at all and it also burned much hotter than the firewood did.

high heat fire from pellets burned in pit

And once the pit cooled off, we liked how easy it was to clean out.

Keep reading to learn more specifics about our experience with the Blue Sky Peak fire pit!

Smokeless Design

The Blue Sky Peak has air vents at the bottom of the pit.

oxygen intake vents

These vents pull outside air into a hollow space that surrounds the burn chamber.

There is set of holes around the inside of the smokeless fire pit at the top where this air is released and superheated as it exits.

holes in pit show unique design that generates secondary burn

This heated air is called the secondary burn and is supposed to burn up more of the particles that usually exit the fire, creating a more smokeless fire.

We found that this worked really well with the significant heat of the pellet fire, and did help somewhat with the cooler wood fire, but didn’t cut out the smoke completely.

And even the smokeless design of this fire pit didn’t do away with the sparks and floating embers during the firewood burn.

spark screen and screen lifter

But, the spark screen that came with the fire pit bundle we purchased worked like a charm to keep debris from leaving the pit.

Dual Fuel Capability

One fantastic thing about the Blue Sky Peak smokeless fire pit is that you can choose to burn firewood or wood pellets. This makes it a more versatile pit because you can choose the right fuel for your needs.


Even though the wood burn in our test wasn’t a true smokeless fire, it still created a great experience and was really easy to light.

up close of wood burning in one of the fire pits and how much wood it can hold

Also, the size of this pit made it easier to fit the firewood pieces inside, as compared to the smaller Blue Sky Ridge portable model.

I feel as though this makes this a great pit for backyards or camping because there isn’t much fuss when it comes to having to find small enough firewood pieces.

Plus, even though the wood burn wasn’t completely smokeless, the crackle and pop you get with traditional firewood is unmatched.


I loved the fire we got with burning pellets in the Blue Sky Outdoor Living Peak fire pit.

pellets burn at high temperatures

It did create much more heat than the fire we got with the wood, which is something you can use to your advantage if you’re using the pit in colder temperatures.

And even though the pellets don’t give off the great campfire sounds like wood does, the ease of use and lack of sparks and embers is also nice.

I used about a half of a bag of pellets and this lasted 55 minutes before it went out.

Pellets are more expensive, but they are great for tailgating when you don’t want to deal with messy firewood, or if you don’t have a great place to store wood at home.

Blue Sky Peak Puts Out Heat

Burning both pellets and wood created a lot of heat, but the pellets burned much hotter, which is something to keep in mind depending on the time of year you are using this smokeless fire pit.

Some reviews of the Blue Sky Outdoor Living fire pits say that the outside steel gets very hot.

Using my infrared thermometer, the outside of the burn chamber while burning wood got to around 400 degrees and up past 570 degrees when using pellets.

thermometer showing temp of 405 degrees
thermometer showing 571 degrees

Steel Construction and Welds

One thing that is great about the Peak from Blue Sky Outdoor Living is that it is made from heavy duty steel and there aren’t many parts that could break off and ruin your pit.

The ash catcher in the bottom is well constructed and simply sits in the bottom of the burn chamber with few ways to be broken or damaged.

ash tray and grate

With the durable welds and quality materials, this Blue Sky fire pit seems as though it will have a very long life, even with frequent use.

Easy to Clean

Even though there may be very little ash left over, especially with pellets, cleaning ash out of the bottom of this fire pit is pretty easy.

Handles on the ash catcher tray make it simple to lift it out and dump the remaining ash into your compost pile or other appropriate place.

the unique design of this pit makes cleaning out ashes easy

When I cleaned my Peak, I noticed that there was some ash remaining on the lip that surrounds the grate and ash catcher, but it wasn’t much and could be easily brushed into the tray or just ignored.

All in all, I found it incredibly easy to empty.


Blue Sky Outdoor Living has done a great job offering accessories for the Peak that are actually useful.

They aren’t included with this smokeless fire pit itself, but that makes it great for those who only want the pit itself and don’t want to pay extra for accessories that will take up space and collect dust.

Spark Screen & Lifter

My fire pit was part of a bundle and came with a spark screen and lifter for the screen, both of which I found to be fantastic to use when burning firewood because it really kept the floating embers down.

spark screen works well with wood fire

This is great if there is a little wind or if you are using it camping or tailgating and you don’t want people around you to have to deal with debris from your fire.

The lifter was also great for adjusting the wood in the pit once the fire was going.

Peak Cover

protective cover

A protective cover is available for the Peak smokeless fire pit. I think it feels pretty heavy duty and as though it would last quite awhile.

Even though it is coated with high temperature paint, it is steel and will eventually develop a “patina,” which is a nicer way to say rust. This is inevitable with this fire pit, so know that going in, but keeping it protected with the cover, or keeping it in the garage, will help slow this process.

I was pleasantly surprised with the cover because it didn’t feel like a difficult chore to put on (like trying to put a sleeping bag back in it’s bag).

drawstring of cover up close

It is generous enough that it slips on easily, even over the spark screen, and a drawstring at the bottom can be cinched to help keep out critters, dirt, and water.

Peak Fire Pit Lid

One accessory I was really excited to try was the fire pit lid for the Peak.

the table top Blue Sky Peak fire pit accessory on the pit sitting between two lounge chairs

This is a heavy-duty, but shiny and nice looking, lid that sits on the fire pit once it is cooled and both protects the inside from water and also acts as a coffee table.

The Peak can then serve two purposes and can be useful as a table even when not in use.

Pros and Cons

Using the Blue Sky Peak fire pit was very enjoyable, but just like every product, it has its strengths and drawbacks.


  • great size for your outdoor space or transport
  • smokeless with pellets
  • durable construction
  • easy to clean
  • accessories available


  • smoke present when burning wood
  • paint touch-ups if desired

Our Takeaways

I loved using this fire pit because it was so easy to start both the firewood and wood pellet fires, and also it was a perfect size for a backyard or campsite fire.

The fire pit is big enough to give you a “real” campfire feel, but not so big that you have to use a ton of fuel and end up with a longer fire than you really want.

While I was a little disappointed with the smoke present with the wood fire, it wasn’t an overwhelming amount and the rest of the great features still won me over.

one of blue sky outdoor fire pits in front of a blue chair and lake


[star_bar stars=”4″ color=”#3B8EA5″]

While I do really like this fire pit, the firewood burn wasn’t completely smokeless, so I took one star off for that.

It wasn’t a significant amount of smoke that made the burn no fun, but I did see some and noticed the smell on my clothes.

However, the dual fuel capability, great size, and durable construction shined through in this test.

Ease of Use

[star_bar stars=”5″ color=”#3B8EA5″]

This one was easy and we gave the Blue Sky Outdoor Living Peak Fire Pit all 5 stars because it is so simple to set up and light.

Taking this with you would be easy and this company did a great job designing fire pits that are easy to clean out afterward.

Plus, the optional accessories like the smoke screen and protective cover make using and storing it even easier.


[star_bar stars=”5″ color=”#3B8EA5″]

Overall, I feel as though this Blue Sky fire pit is a good value because of the high-quality and versatility it offers.

This isn’t a fire pit that is going to get rickety in a few years, it will stand the test of time.

The size makes it a perfect “everyday” backyard fire pit, but also can be taken along with you without much hassle whether you are camping or tailgating.

And the dual fuel capability gives you the option to use wood you chopped and store, or to keep a clean bag of pellets in your closet.

We really liked this fire pit and especially the spark screen bundle we purchased and tested.

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