Ah, the allure of a campfire. There’s nothing quite like the warm glow of dancing flames on a chilly evening.

But, now you can skip the messy firewood and get the same great experience with easy and clean wood pellets!

So how do you load them into the Blue Sky fire pits? Let’s ignite this discussion and turn you into a master of your fire pit.

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  1. Cheaper pellets are ok for a Blue Sky Fire Pit as long as they are 100% wood.
  2. Fill the burn chamber of the fire pit with 2″ with wood pellets.
  3. Put some starter at one edge of the smokeless fire pit and light it.
  4. The first 2″ should burn about 30 minutes.
  5. When adding more pellets, try to keep the amount at 2″ for a better burn.
pellets burnings in a portable fire pit

Loading Wood Pellets in Blue Sky Smokeless Fire Pits

Putting the initial load of fuel into your fire pit from Blue Sky Outdoor Living is as simple as opening the bag and filling the burn chamber with 2″ of wood pellets.

smokeless fire pit filled with 2" of pellets

This is the same level to fill your pit with whether you are using a compact portable fire pit from Blue Sky, or their very largest patio fire pit.

Know that a wood pellet fire puts out some serious heat so be sure to keep your pit 10′ away from any structures or overhangs and also don’t use it on a traditional or composite wood deck.

Starting Your Blue Sky Outdoor Living Fire Pit

Once you fill your fire pit with 2″ of pellets, put some fire starter on top.

I like using Stump Chunks all-natural starter.

a bag of stump chunks leaning against the pit

Put a handful of starter around the edge, light it, and wait for the pellets underneath to catch on fire.

This usually happens pretty quickly and the pellets don’t catch fire all at once, but instead the burn slowly spreads across the fire pit.

The pellets burn so well that I tried to light them by themselves using a torch, skipping the starter, but they wouldn’t light this way.

Feeding Your Wood Pellet Fire

Your initial load of 2″ of pellets should burn for around 30 minutes, and once you’re ready to add more, simply scoop some into a cup and pour them over the top, being careful to stay far enough away from the flames.

The wood pellets burned in the fire pit produces much heat than firewood pieces do, so use heat resistant gloves like these to protect yourself from burns.

Remember to keep the amount in the burn chamber at around 2″, even when adding more pellets.

These fire pits have less smoke and a burn wood pellets more efficiently when they aren’t filled too full.

Best Pellets For a Blue Sky Fire Pit

In my opinion, the best pellets to burn in a smokeless fire pit are whichever are the cheapest.

When I use pellets in a Blue Sky fire pit, I save the more expensive ones for smoking meat in my smoker and go with the sale brand for burning in pits.

Brands I have bought for this purpose are Pit Boss and Oklahoma Joe’s.

a bag of Oklahoma Joe's pellets next to a smokeless fire pit

You can find a link to these pellets here.

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