The Peak portable fire pit from Blue Sky Outdoor Living is advertised as light enough to take with you on the go, easy to use, and smokeless.

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pike with fire coming out

Our Ratings

Performance: [star_bar stars=”5″ color=”#3B8EA5″]
Ease of Use: [star_bar stars=”5″ color=”#3B8EA5″]
Value: [star_bar stars=”5″ color=”#3B8EA5″]

But does the Blue Sky Pike deliver on these promises? We tested this portable smokeless fire pit so that you can find out before you buy!

After testing, we think the Pike Ultra Portable Smokeless Fire Pit from Blue Sky is perfect for anyone who loves hiking, tailgating, picnics, or the beach, and wants to add the warmth of a campfire to that experience.

Why We Love It

Incredibly portable
Firewood or pellet capability
Easy to put together and light
Great value for the price
Included carrying case

pike sitting on the grass


  • Weight: 6 lbs.
  • Diameter: 10″
  • Height: 10″
  • Material: Steel
  • Fuel: Firewood or Pellets
  • Warranty: 3 year limited (with receipt)

Want to see it in action? Watch our video review below!

Our Experience

Assembling the Blue Sky Pike for use couldn’t be much easier. There are 2 pieces, the burn chamber and ash catcher, and one sits right on top of the other with no screws needed.

the two pieces of the pike ultra portable smokeless fire pit

We started our test by burning firewood (more like kindling).

I cut small pieces using my Kindling Cracker and arranged them in a pyramid shape inside the Peak portable smokeless fire pit.

It was a bit challenging to find pieces small enough to fit in the burn chamber, and the instructions said to keep the it all below the row of holes at the top of the pit.

pike ultra portable smokeless fire pit on a galvanized tub

But, this was to be expected with one of these portable fire pits.

To help it light, I used a handful of Stump Chunks all natural fire starter undeath and lit it with a hand-held lighter.

stump chunks all natural fire starter on grass

It started easily and created a nice fire that didn’t seem to put out much smoke, maybe a trace amount, but I didn’t expect much anyway with this small of a pit.

The Pike gave us a quick, but nice little fire that actually put out heat.

Next, we tested the Blue Sky Pike by burning pellets and I chose to use Pit Boss pellets because they were a pretty affordable choice.

hardwood pellets next to blue sky pike ultra portable smokeless fire pit

The instructions say to limit the pellets to only a 2″ layer and that adding more to that will cause the fire pit to produce more smoke.

I added a handful of the Stump Chunks fire starter on top to get it started and it lit very easily.

This burn put out significant heat and seemed completely smokeless, giving us more of that secondary burn that this smokeless fire pit is designed to produce.

increased amount of flame due to secondary burn

For both the wood and pellet fires, the Blue Sky Pike fire pit cooled off in 30-45 minutes as long as the ashes got stirred up a few times.

When it was cool and cleaned out, it easily fit into its included carrying bag and felt light slung over my shoulder to carry.

Learn more about the specifics of our test with the Blue Sky Pike Ultra Portable Smokeless Fire Pit below!

Smokeless Design

The way these smokeless fire pits from Blue Sky Outdoor Living work is an infused air flow design where oxygen is pulled in from the holes on the outside and bottom of the fire pit.

bottom holes on the fire pit
inside holes that make this pike ultra portable fire pit smokeless

Oxygen passes up through a hollow chamber surrounding the burn pit and then exits as superheated air through the holes on the inside and top of the smokeless fire pit.

inside hollow part of this ultra portable smokeless fire pit

This very hot air creates what is called a secondary burn, which you can actually see sometimes as fire shooting from the top ring of holes, and burns up more particles that would otherwise leave the fire pit as smoke and embers.

Because of its compact size, I found this airflow technology to work very effectively in the Blue Sky Pike portable smokeless fire pit.

I saw this secondary burn in action with the wood fire, and even more pronounced with the hotter pellet fire.

Ultra Portable Smokeless Fire Pit

If you are looking for a smokeless fire pit with carrying bag that is actually light enough to take with you on walks, this is the one!

blue sky travel bag on a chair

At only 6 lbs., this a truly a portable fire pit.

The ash catcher piece nests inside the top piece of the Pike fire pit, and all of that easily slips into its carrying bag.

A drawstring cinches the smokeless fire pit up nicely inside and also help protect it from the elements.

pike the perfect nested size for the travel bag

This bag has an adjustable shoulder strap that feels sturdy and substantial.

It would be a breeze to throw some pellets in a baggie and take as a bonfire to-go on walks when camping, at the beach, or at a pre-game tailgate.

Plus, it cools down quickly so once your fire is out, you don’t have to wait long before you can keep moving.

Dual Fuel Capability

One fantastic feature of these Blue Sky Pike ultra portable smokeless fire pits is that you can choose whether you want to burn wood pellets or firewood, and each has its own benefits.


pike ultra portable smokeless fire pit on logs

Little pieces of firewood, more like kindling, burned really well and easily in this pit.

It doesn’t hold much, but that is expected.

The initial load in our firewood test burned for 15 minutes, so expect to have a lot of kindling-sized pieces ready when burning firewood in this fire pit.

However, it created a great little fire and was nearly smokeless.


blue sky outdoor living pike ultra portable smokeless fire pit secondary burn

The Pike really shines when it burns pellets.

It created a very hot fire, and I even burned my marshmallow quickly because I wasn’t expecting this little pit to burn so hot.

Our original 2″ of pellets burned for 30 minutes before it burned itself out.

Pellets are clean to store and easy to take along with you when using a portable smokeless fire pit like the Blue Sky Pike.

Burning wood pellets in this fire pit created a smokeless experience, as well.

Blue Sky Pike and Heat

I was actually very surprised that this cute portable smokeless fire pit put out serious heat.

Using my infrared thermometer, I took some readings during both fuel tests and what I found was interesting.

The wood fire heated up the put more at the bottom and underneath with the burn chamber measuring 310 degrees, the bottom piece at 340 degrees, and the metal I had it sitting on coming in at 250 degrees or more under the fire pit.

top part of this patio fire pit at 310 degrees

While burning pellets, the top of the pit put off more heat with the burn chamber coming in at 330 degrees, the ash catcher at only 96 degrees, and the metal under the pit at 90 degrees.

top part of pit at 332 degrees

Both fuels are capable of warming up your hands on a cold day, roasting a hot dog, or toasting a marshmallow.

Heavy-Duty Steel Construction

One thing that I thought was great about these Pike smokeless fire pits was that it seemed very well constructed for the price I paid for it.

blue sky pike ultra portable smokeless fire pit on grass

All of the Blue Sky smokeless fire pits are made from heavy-duty steel with durable welds and high temperature paint, and the Pike is no exception.

This portable smokeless fire pit feels as though it would have a long life and there just aren’t a lot of places where it could break.

Pros and Cons


  • truly smokeless fire pit
  • very portable and light
  • dual fuel with wood pellets or firewood
  • quality travel bag included
  • puts out heat for its small size
  • durable construction
  • easy to dump ashes out


  • fire pit size is small for wood
  • can’t use on a deck
  • steel may rust
  • fuel must be added frequently

Our Takeaways

I didn’t expect to love this pit as much as I did. Don’t let its cute size fool you, this is a “serious” smokeless fire pit.

This pit would be perfect for creating a great campfire experience on the go, even if you are traveling on foot.

But, if you are looking for a portable smokeless fire pit that hold a bit more fuel, or one that would work well for a backyard fire pit to warm your family or neighbors, I would keep shopping!

However, if easy transport is what you’re after, the Blue Sky Pike Ultra Portable fire pit is highly recommended.

the pike ultra portable smokeless fire pit burning pellets in front of a lake


[star_bar stars=”5″ color=”#3B8EA5″]

The refined design of this portable smokeless fire pit performed beyond my expectations.

It was light enough to walk around with, created a great fire whether using kindling or pellets, and it put out plenty of warmth.

Also, the Blue Sky Pike created a nearly smoke free experience.

For this, we gave this portable smokeless fire pit 5 out of 5 stars for performance.

Ease of Use

[star_bar stars=”5″ color=”#3B8EA5″]

Starting the Blue Sky Pike was easy with both fuels, and both set up and cleaning were incredibly easy.

Plus, the two pieces of the pit nested easily in the travel bag, which was also a breeze to use.

It was simple to use, we had no choice but to give this portable smokeless fire pit 5 out of 5 stars for ease of use.


[star_bar stars=”5″ color=”#3B8EA5″]

For the price, we got a very high quality product that lived up to the claims Blue Sky Outdoor Living had made about it, such as being smoke-free and ultra portable.

If I keep this portable smokeless fire pit out of the elements, it would last for years and years, adding more fun and warmth to our outdoor adventures.

Because of all of this, we gave a full 5 out of 5 stars to the Blue Sky Pike for value.

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