The Square Peak smokeless fire pit from Blue Sky Outdoor Living is an award winning product, but does it really live up to the hype and can give you and your guests a smoke-free fire?

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pellet fire pit from Blue Sky Outdoor Living

Our Ratings

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We tested this patio sized smokeless fire pit so that you can see if this is the right fire pit for you before you buy!

After testing, we think the Square Peak Smokeless Fire Pit from Blue Sky is perfect for anyone who wants a great backyard fire that they can share with friends and family, but who also may want to take it camping or tailgating.

Why We Love It

Was very smokeless with wood and pellets
Firewood or pellet, dual-fuel capability
Assembly was really easy
Perfect, semi-portable size
Handles standard-sized firewood
Very easy to start

Front of the Square Peak patio fire pit from Blue Sky Outdoor Living


  • Weight: 40 lbs.
  • Width: 22″
  • Height: 16″
  • Material: Steel
  • Fuel: Firewood or Pellets
  • Warranty: 3 year limited (with receipt)

Want to see it in action? Watch our video review below!

Our Experience

This burn chamber of this fire pit came in 4 pieces that needed to be screwed together using 12 nuts and bolts.

In my experience, the pieces fit together really easily and I had no trouble screwing it all together.

There is an ash tray and grate that sit in the bottom and hold the firewood. Some of the smaller ashes fall through the holes in the grate and land in the tray underneath.

ash tray and grate from the Square Peak

First we tested the Square Peak fire pit by burning firewood.

What I really loved about this Blue Sky pit is that the square shape allows you to lay firewood flat on the bottom of the pit, and then layer more on top.

There was no need to build a teepee out of the firewood to start the campfire, so getting the fire ready was incredibly easy.

To help light it, I put a few handfuls of Stump Chunks natural fire starter between the logs.

stump chunks all natural fire starter on grass

I made it easy on myself by using my long-handled propane torch to light the fire starter get the fire burning.

With any smokeless fire pit, there is always smoke at first when the fire is heating up.

logs burning in the Square Peak firepit

After adding a couple more pieces of firewood, the fire began burning really hot and there was very little smoke coming from the pit whatsoever.

I wanted to test the Square Peak from Blue Sky Outdoor Living by burning pellets next. I used Pit Boss pellets because the price was decent and I already had them on hand.

I loaded a 2″ layer of pellets in the bottom of the Square Peak fire pit and put a small pile of Stump Chunks fire starter in the center.

Once again I my torch to light the fire pit and the pellets started burning easily.

a hot pellet fire in the Square Peak pellet firepit

The pellets burned much hotter than the firewood and produced no noticeable smoke whatsoever.

After the Blue Sky Square Peak cooled completely I swept the ashes into the center of bottom of the pit with a broom, lifted the ash tray and grate out by the handles, and dumped the ash.

That was incredibly easy.

You can learn much more about our test with the Blue Sky Square Peak smokeless patio fire pit below!

Smokeless Design of the Square Peak

Blue Sky Outdoor Living’s smokeless fire pits operate using a clever airflow system. Oxygen gets pulled in through vents at the outside and bottom of the pit. This oxygen travels up through a chamber around the fire and exits as superheated air through holes on the inside and top.

This hot air causes a secondary burn, sometimes visible as flames from the top holes. It helps burn up more particles, preventing them from turning into smoke and embers as they would in a traditional fire pit.

air vents for the smokeless design
holes at the top of the pit where superheated air creates a secondary burn

The smokeless fire pits from Blue Sky Outdoor Living use a specialized air circulation method.

Air enters through openings at the bottom of the outer base and flows into a chamber surrounding the fire.

This air becomes super heated and exits through holes at the top of the pit, creating a secondary burn effect.

Superheated air burns up more particles before they can leave the pit as smoke and ashes like in a conventional fire pit.

This secondary burn was evident with both the wood and pellet fires in the Square Peak, and was both impressive and cool to see.

Blue Sky’s Square Peak fire pit was nearly completely smokeless when burning firewood, and there was no visible smoke whatsoever with the pellet fire.

Semi-Portable Patio Fire Pit

The Square Peak patio fire pit weighs in at 40 lbs., and while you aren’t going to pack this along for a hike, it was something I could easily move around in my backyard by myself.

It’s size was big enough to accommodate a group, but light enough that it could easily be moved from spot to spot in your yard, or even taken with you.

blue sky square peak fire pit on a picnic table

This fire pit could easily be put in a truck and taken on a camping trip or tailgating without too much of a fuss.

To me, the Square Peak from Blue Sky Outdoor Living seems to be the most versatile-sized fire pit I’ve reviewed.

Square Peak’s Dual Fuel Capability

A handy feature of Blue Sky’s smokeless pits is that you can burn wood or pellets in them, so you have flexible options for fuel.

Burning Firewood

Burning regular-sized firewood in the Square Peak fire pit was great and I didn’t have to find or cut small pieces to fit like with some of the smaller pits I’ve tried.

Initially, I started the wood fire with 6 pieces of firewood, 3 on the bottom layer, and 3 on top laying the opposite direction. This was how the instructions suggested the wood be arranged.

wood laying down and burning in a wood burning fire pit

The wood started very easily with the Stump Chunks fire starter stuck between the logs and even the initial load of firewood burned pretty hot, but there was some detectable smoke.

Once the fire got rolling I added 3 more logs to heat it up even more.

After a few minutes I started to see the secondary burn and superheated air come out of the top holes around the inside of the fire pit and at that point I couldn’t see or smell much smoke at all.

Burning Pellets

The Square Peak fire pit from Blue Sky Outdoor Living can also use pellet fuel. Pellets are more expensive than wood but cleaner, easier to store, and safer for not spreading new bugs or illness to the area.

wood pellets burning in the Blue Sky Square Peak fire pit

I filled the bottom of the burn chamber with 2″ of pellets which took an entire 20 lb. bag.

After putting a couple handfuls of Stump Chunks fire starter on top of the pellets, we lit them with the torch and there was no problem getting the fire started.

Those 2″ of pellets burned for around 45 minutes before the fire went out.

Using pellet fuel in the Square Peak made a super hot fire. So if you want serious heat, this pit delivers!

Burning pellets also gave no smoke at all. While it didn’t crackle like wood, it smelled really nice.

Blue Sky Square Peak Fire Pit and Heat

Both fuels burned in the Square Peak fire pit created very hot fires, but the pellets definitely brought more heat!

infrared thermometer showing that the outside of the fire pit is 492 degrees

Because this pit has that dual fuel capability, you have the option to choose your fuel based on your weather conditions, as well, or based on any cooking you want to do over your campfire.

high-Quality Steel Construction

Similar to all fire pits from Blue Sky, the durable Square Peak is made totally of steel, with robust welded joints and heat-resistant paint.

heavy-duty steel and high-temp paint on the smokeless fire pit

There were 4 main pieces to assemble and each corner is held together with 3 nuts and bolts. All of the hardware included seemed high-quality and I had no problem starting all of these by hand, only using a screwdriver and a pair of pliers to do a final-tighten once it was all put together.

Accessories for the Square Peak Fire Pit

One thing that Blue Sky does well is offer useful accessories that you can buy separately for their pits. That way, you aren’t spending money on things you don’t want or need, which is nice.

The Square Peak also has a few optional accessories available to purchase.

Spark Screen

One accessory available is the 2-piece spark screen shown below:

I didn’t try this spark screen, but I have used a similar 2-piece screen set with the Square Mammoth and I actually wasn’t impressed.

While I love Blue Sky’s one-piece spark screens and have never had any problems with those, the 2-piece version that I used warped during the first fire and allowed ashes to fly escape because of it.

But, on their website Blue Sky offers a dome-shaped, one-piece spark screen for the Square Peak which I bet would hold up much better. You can see it here if you’re interested.

Table top

One accessory Blue Sky offers that I love is a heavy-duty table top that turns your pit into a coffee table when not in use.

I thought it looked really nice on top of the Square Peak fire pit.

The table top seems really well-made and increased the versatility of this pit.

Pros and Cons of the Square Peak Fire Pit


  • completely smokeless fire pit with pellets
  • almost entirely smoke-free with firewood
  • nice size for a group of friends or a family
  • semi-portable size and weight
  • dual fuel, burns pellets or wood
  • accessories available
  • durable steel
  • assembly was easy
  • cleaning was simple
  • standard size firewood lays flat


  • there was assembly required
  • can’t use on a deck
  • steel may rust

Our Takeaways

I have tested nearly all of the smokeless fire pits from Blue Sky Outdoor Living, and if I could only pick one, this would be it.

This fire pit is perfect for people who want a patio sized pit to share with family or friends, but who also may want to take it along camping or tailgating sometimes.

But, if you are looking for a truly portable fire pit that weighs a little less, I would keep looking.

If not, then the Square Peak smokeless fire pit from Blue Sky Outdoor Living comes highly recommended from me!

patio fire pit by adorondack chairs


[star_bar stars=”5″ color=”#3B8EA5″]

This smokeless fire pit exceeded my expectations.

Not only was the hot pellet fire smokeless, but once the wood fire got good and hot I detected little to no smoke.

Because of that, we gave this patio fire pit 5 out of 5 stars for performance because I don’t know how it could have done better.

Ease of Use

[star_bar stars=”5″ color=”#3B8EA5″]

Starting and maintaining a fire in the Blue Sky Square Peak was easy with both fuels.

The ability to throw regular-sized pieces of firewood in the bottom of this pit and not worry about finding short pieces or building a pyramid-shape out of the firewood made this so simple to use.

Cleaning it was as easy as advertised, as well.

Because of how effortless using this felt, we gave the Square Peak fire pit 5 out of 5 stars for ease of use.


[star_bar stars=”5″ color=”#3B8EA5″]

While there are cheaper fire pits on the market, if you are looking for something that is high-quality and also headache-free to use, this pit fits the bill.

Its heavy-duty steel construction will make this a staple in your backyard for years. And, the versatile size means that you can use this at home and away.

I really couldn’t be happier with the Blue Sky Square Peak and gave it a full 5 out of 5 stars for value.

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