Sometimes you are enjoying sitting around a campfire with just one other person, whether it be a friend or a significant other. Just because you don’t have a large group of people, you still want to have some fun playing games around the fire, even if it is just the two of you. Below is a list of the 21 best campfire games for two people.

1. Truth or Dare

This is fun for groups, but can be just as fun with two! Take turns choosing either “truth” or “dare.” The other person gets to then choose a question that you must answer or a dare that you must complete. Stakes too high and you don’t want to answer or do the dare? Then you don’t get a point that round.

Thinking of a “truth” question can be tough, so here is a list of 600 questions perfect for this game supplied by Find the list here and make your night a lot more fun (while also learning more about who you are with…maybe more than you want to)!

Prefer something a little more interactive? PsyCat Games offers an interactive Truth or Dare video below:

2. 20 Questions

This is another classic that nearly everyone has played, but it is a classic because it’s simple and fun! One person thinks of an object. The other person only gets to ask 20 questions in order to guess what the object is.

Personalize this game by coming up with a category you both are into, like movies, music, cars, gaming, a person you both know, whatever it may be.

Or, switch it up by setting a timer for 3 minutes, and the person asking the questions only gets 3 minutes to figure it out.

3. 2 Truths and a Lie

Get to know a new friend better, or learn much more about your long-time friend or significant other with this classic ice-breaker that perfect to play around the campfire!

Both of you think of two things about you that are true that you think the other person doesn’t know about you already. Also, come up with a lie about yourself that sounds believable. Tell the other person your 2 truths and 1 lie (not in that order) and they have to try to guess which is the lie. Then, switch roles.

If you are looking to get to know the person you are with better, this is the game for you!

4. Name That Tune

Pick a genre of music that you both agree on and find out who is the song naming master! Use your cellphone to play clips from songs if you have service at your campsite, or go old-school and hum or sing the tune. Are you both music buffs? Amp up the challenge by having to name the song, artist, and even year!

If your phone has data and a signal, hit up the Madmartigan’s Music Trivia YouTube channel for pre-made Name That Tune games focusing on a specific decades and themes!

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5. Carrot

This is a game that my friends made up and that I am terrible at, but it is a fun and easy word-association game. If you are the player that starts, you will say “carrot” and then the other player has to quickly say a word that is related in some way to “carrot,” like “rabbit,” for example. You then have to quickly spurt out a word related to “rabbit,” like “fur.” You go back and forth in this way as quickly as you can without stalling or hesitating. Also, a word can’t be repeated. Find out which of you has the mind that is the quickest (which certainly isn’t me)!

6. Celebrities

I use “Celebrities” to describe a series of games that all use the names of famous people to play. For one of these games that work for two, The first person says the name of a celebrity and the second person has to then think of a celebrity whose name starts with the last letter of the first celebrity. For instance, if player one said “Elvis Presley,” player two could say “Yoko Ono,” and player one could then say “Oprah Winfrey,” and so on. If you exhaust all of your celebrity ideas, other categories can be used instead, such as locations, animals, movie titles, or band names.

For movie buffs, another game that could be played using celebrity names is for the first person to name a famous actor or actress and then the other person has to name someone they have acted with. The first player then has to think of someone that celebrity has acted with. This is similar to “Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” but can be done with any actor or actress.

7. Heads Up!

If you have cell phone service and data, a hilarious game that would work well for two people at a campfire is Heads Up! With this easy to use app you are given a category and then player one puts the phone on their forehead. A secret word or person is displayed and the other player offers clues to get player one to guess the secret word. A timer is set for 60 seconds and player two tries to help player one guess as many secret words in that time as possible before switching roles.

This is a game developed by Ellen DeGeneres, and you can see her playing it with Owen Wilson below.

There is also an “act it out” mode where you have to mime the clues rather than say them out loud. What makes this even more fun is that the app records video while you play so when something funny happens you can re-watch and laugh all over again!

Currently, the game has 75 categories so this game for two will take you from kindling to the log of your campfire! Find the Heads Up! app for your iPhone here in the App Store.

8. Would You Rather

One of my favorite games is Would You Rather because EVERYONE has an opinion which means that everyone can enjoy it! One person names two options. These could be thought provoking, like “would you rather live 100 years in the future or 100 years in the past?” Or, they could be 2 horrible options, like “would you rather eat worms or crickets?” Whichever route you go with your questions, both people HAVE to choose one, even if you wouldn’t want to do either! The fun comes when explaining why you would pick that choice over the other one.

These can be hard to think up, so here are some premade lists you can use at your campfire right now!

Conversation Starters World – The Only List of Would You Rather Questions You Will Ever Need

LifeHacks – The Hardest Would You Rather Questions on the Internet

Brightful – 49 Gross Would You Rather Questions

Prefer a video version? Try this one from Kingsaw Riddles:

9. Whistling Crackers

If you want a game that is just plain silly, this is the one for you. If you have a box of crackers, including graham crackers for s’more making, that is all you need!

Give both of you a few crackers, just be sure it’s the same amount. When you say go, both of you need to start eating the crackers. But, this isn’t a speed eating contest. It’s the first person that can bet out an audible whistle that will win the game!

Try this with other foods an be ready for a good laugh!

10. Breakfast Combo

This guessing game has a fun twist-it may be harder for the player that know the secret word than it is for the guesser!

For Breakfast Combo, one person thinks of an item. When learning it will be easier to pick something that is around both of you for reference.

If you are choosing the secret “thing,” let’s say you pick “hot dog fork.” The other person asks a question, “is it marshmallows?” You would say, “it is more like marshmallows than anything you’ve guessed so far.” The other person could then ask “is it a fire poker?” and you could respond with “it is more like a fire poker than marshmallows because it is long and skinny.”

The questions continue like this where you would have to compare the items guessed and come up with a reason why one thing is closer to the secret item than another until they have guessed it correctly.

Read the full instructions for Breakfast Combo from The Game Gal here.

11. Are You This or That?

This game has no winner or loser, but you may have a few laughs and will definitely learn more about the other person you are with!

One of you poses an “art you this or that” question to the the other player, such as “are you a cozy blanket or a crackling campfire?” The other person decides which of those two things they are and why. They may say “I’m a cozy blanket because I’m dependable and love to hug,” or they might decide “I’m a crackling campfire because I’m warm, but also fiery and can be unpredictable.”

Questions and answers could be thoughtful or hilarious, depending on who you are with, but either way, you will know a lot more about the other person at your campfire by the end of the night!

12. Opposites

This is another game that isn’t competitive, but just makes for fun conversation. One player thinks of anything and the other player tries to think of that thing’s opposite and then has to explain why. This may seem easy, but that definitely isn’t the case!

Let’s say that player one chooses “lighter fluid.” The other player has to try to determine what the opposite of lighter fluid is. They may say “the opposite of lighter fluid is water because lighter fluid gets fires going, but water puts them out.” The other player could ask for clarification and say “yes, but lighter fluid doesn’t START a fire, it just adds fuel, but water can put out a fire.” Then, the other player needs to adjust their answer.

This is another game where it could either use your brains or you could make it hilarious by choosing off the wall items to try to find an opposite for. This game is great for all ages, as well!

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13. Categories

In this fast-paced word association game, one player chooses a category, and then both of you go back and forth naming something that belongs in that category until one person gets “stuck” and can’t think of anything else.

If one player choose the category “sports,” the other person would shout out “baseball,” and then the first person could yell out “softball,” and it would go back and forth that way until someone can’t name anything, or hesitates for too long, and loses a point for that round.

Make this more challenging by adding a letter that the word has to begin with. This works better if you choose a broad category, like “food.” If the letter choosen was “s,” it could be “salami,” “spaghetti,” and so on.

14. Ghost

In this word game, players are challenged with ALMOST spelling a word, but not quite! Player one says any letter. Let’s use the example “S.” Player two adds a letter to it, we’ll say they added “T.” Player two adds another letter, maybe in this example they would add an “I.”

This is where it gets interesting. Player one now has to add a letter that doesn’t COMPLETE a full word, but could be used to create one. For example, if that added “R” that would make “STIR,” a complete word, and they would be out. BUT, if they added “C,” they would make “STIC,” which isn’t a complete word, but is still part of a real word, “STICK.”

Player two now has to try to add another letter that could extend this word without completing it, so if they say “K,” they are out.

If someone adds a letter that the other person doesn’t think could be part of a real word, for example, if we had “STI” and a player added “U” making “STIU,” the other player could challenge. This forces that player to say which word they were thinking of that started with “STIU,” In this instance, there are none and they would lose that round.

However, if the player had added “E” making it “STIE” and the other player challenged them, that player could offer the word “STIES” which is plural for sty and they would win the round.

Some explanations are better done through video. The group from the Youth Ministry Great Games channel explains Ghost and shows a few demonstration rounds in the video below!

15. Going on a Picnic

This classic memory game is perfect for two people sitting around a campfire. The first player says “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing…” followed by an item of their choice. The second player then has to say “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing…” and say the first person’s item and an item of their own. Player one has to repeat that and remember both items already mentioned, plus a new one. The games repeats in this fashion until someone forgets something on the list, losing that round.

A variation could be “I’m going to a campfire” or another destination of your choice. You could also decide in advance on a category of items you will bring, or you could instead name a list of people you will bring along on your trip.

16. Melt the Icecube

This simple game makes you laugh AND can cool you down at the same time, if you need it! All you need is two ice cubes from the cooler. Each of you gets one, and when someone says “go,” both of you have to try to melt the ice cube on your body as fast as you can.

There is no putting it in near the fire or in your mouth. This is definitely not a complicated or though-provoking game, but sometimes the silliest and simplest games are the most fun!

17. Just a Minute

The popular BBC game show can easily be adapted for two people sitting around a campfire. Player one is given a topic or a conversation starter. They then have to talk about the topic for a full minute without repeating themselves, saying “umm” or any other time killing sound, and without changing to a different topic. If they do, they get a point. Player two then gets a different topic and also tries to speak on their topic for a full minute.

If this proves to be too challenging for both of you, one variation is to see who can talk the longest that round on their topic.

Come up with your own funny topics, or use a list of 100 prompts published by See it here.

If you really want to get the feel for this game, watch it in action below!

18. My Thing Beats Your Thing

A great conversation starter, this game could lead to some laughs and possibly some fun arguments!

Each player think of a thing or person. The two items then “battle” and each of you has to explain why their thing or person would beat the other player’s thing or person.

For instance, it could be “Betty White” vs “Pat Sajak.” Player one could argue that Betty White would win because she is older and wiser, but the other player could argue that Pat will win with his right arm strength from years of spinning the wheel. It would go back and forth in this way until either one player has convinced the other that their person/thing would win, or until you agree to disagree.

There is never a clear winner, but definitely some hilarious conversation!

19. Trivia

If you are with the right person, sometimes there is nothing more fun than a little trivia. You could go old-school around the campfire and try to stump one another with trivia you already know. Or, if you have cell service, you could pull up YouTube for some great trivia matches!

The FunnyFriQuiz channel offers tons of great trivia videos covering any topic or category you can think of!

Mister Quizter’s Trivia Channel has several great pop-culture themed trivia videos that would be perfect to play around the fire.

20. Never Have I Ever

If you REALLY want to know more about the person you are with, but you are also ok with sharing plenty of things about yourself, Never Have I Ever is the perfect for your campfire!

You share a thing that you have never done. For example, you may say “Never have I ever eaten moldy bread.” The other person has to say whether they have done that or not. They could also have to do some “consequence” if they have, such as perform a dare of some kind.

With only two people, it may be easier to use a pre-made list of questions so there is a chance BOTH of you will have to suffer the consequence! Check out a long list of Never Have I Ever questions from Conversation Starters World here.

Prefer the game in video form? Below is a Never Have I Ever game in video version by Riox Harbor.

No matter how you play it, Never Have I Ever is always a great time!

21. You Laugh You Lose

Laughter around the campfire is always the best, UNLESS you are playing You Laugh You Lose! The rules are simple: the first one to laugh loses. Player one goes out of their way to make the other person laugh and continues until they succeed or one minute has passed. If the other person breaks into laughter, they get a point. The roles then switch and player two gets one minute to earn a point by making player one laugh. There really are no losers in this game because if you’re laughing, you’re having a good time!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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