a spark screen and lid lifter on the Blue Sky Ridge fire pit keeping down embers

Blue Sky Fire Pit Accessories: Upgrade Your Campfire Experience

Smokeless fire pits from Blue Sky Outdoor Living are easy to use and high-quality, but they also have many accessories available for their pits that can enhance your campfire time even further. So what accessories for the Blue Sky fire pits are available and are they worth it? Keep reading to find out! *I get …

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wood burning

How Do You Use a Blue Sky Fire Pit for a Smokeless Fire?

One big draw of Blue Sky Outdoor Living fire pits is their claim that they can offer a smoke-free fire. So what is the best way to enjoy a fire with family and friends without the annoying smoke in your eyes? How do you use a Blue Sky fire pit correctly? *I get a commission …

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fire in a Blue Sky fire pit

Can You Burn Wood in a Blue Sky Fire Pit: Quick-Guide

If you are interested in one of the Blue Sky Outdoor Living smokeless fire pits, and you know that they burn wood pellets, you may ask yourself if it can also burn firewood. In this article, we will answer that question and show you how to use this smokeless fire pit to maximize your outdoor …

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a birds eye view of the pit burning

Where to Buy A Blue Sky Fire Pit: Find the Bundles

Smokeless fire pits from Blue Sky Outdoor Living are high-quality pits that will last for years. But where is the best place to buy one? Whether you are looking to purchase a portable fire pit, or one of the larger Blue Sky pellet fire pits, we’ve got you covered! *I get a commission every time …

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flames coming from a portable fire pit burning pellets

How Do You Put Pellets In A Blue Sky Fire Pit?

Ah, the allure of a campfire. There’s nothing quite like the warm glow of dancing flames on a chilly evening. But, now you can skip the messy firewood and get the same great experience with easy and clean wood pellets! So how do you load them into the Blue Sky fire pits? Let’s ignite this …

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