wall block fire pit with people roasting hot dogs over it

How Many Wall Blocks You Need to Build a Fire Pit

Blocks used to make retaining walls not only make a great looking diy fire pit, but they also have relatively easy installation. Depending on your design, this is a project you could start in the morning and have a campfire burning in it by afternoon. Find out how many retaining wall blocks you will need …

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Brick paver fire pit with fire

How Many Brick Pavers You Need for a FirePit

* As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. A backyard fire pit not only offers a great place to make memories with your family and friends, but it also increases your property value. Building your own fire pit will save you money, but how many bricks should you buy? Find out below how many …

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When to Use Fire brick in a Fire Pit and When to Skip It

If you look up instructions for building a fire pit, you can see that the number of choices for materials and different instructions for building can be confusing and overwhelming. One question I had was about fire brick. Some people say it’s a must and some skip it. So, do I have to use fire …

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