Blue Sky Outdoor Living offers smokeless fire pits made from high quality steel construction. See our reviews and informative articles about Blue Sky pits below.

Blue Sky Reviews

How To Use a Blue Sky Fire Pit

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Smokeless Fire Pits

Blue Sky Outdoor Living specializes in a great smokeless fire pit design that gives you quality time sitting around a fire with friends and family but without all of the smoke and embers that usually come with it.

Blue Sky Outdoor Living Quality

If you have purchased a Blue Sky fire pit for the first time, you may be immediately impressed with the heavy-duty steel construction and sturdy welds.

Improve Your Outdoor Space With a Blue Sky Fire Pit

With a fire pit from Blue Sky Outdoor Living, whether a smokeless fire pit or one of their fire rings, you can elevate your backyard experience and that of your family and neighbors.

Blue Sky Portable Fire Pits

Enjoy the heat and crackle of a campfire on the go with their portable products! Whether you are camping, hiking, tailgating, or at the beach, their portable fire pit models are perfect for having a fire on the go.

Duel-Fuel Capability

Some fire pits from Blue Sky Outdoor Living have the ability to burn wood or wood pellets. These Blue Sky pellet fire pits easily burned both fuels in our test and this capability makes them more versatile, customizing your experience for your backyard or camping needs as well as how much heat you desire.


Are you a fanatic of the NFL or NHL? This company offers fire pits that feature the logo of your favorite NFL or NHL team. Or, get your pit with the emblazoned with the logo from the United States Army.

Easy to Clean and Store

These fire pits were designed to be easy to clean out the ashes and, while a few styles come with their own protective carrying case, covers are available for the larger fire pits to extend their life and keep rust at bay.

Blue Sky Outdoor Living Accessories

If keeping embers out of the air is a priority for you while enjoying your patio time, this company has you covered offering a spark screen and lifter accessory for many of their fire pits.

Protective covers are also available along with tops that turn your pit into a coffee table! Cooking accessories are also offered for when you want to roast hot dogs on your patio over an open fire.

Under Warranty

With a smokeless fire pit from Blue Sky Outdoor Living, your pit is under warranty for 3 years. You must keep the receipt of the purchase, so keep that in mind.

The warranty for these products covers welds breaking and other structural degradation, but it does not extend to cosmetic issues such as the finish deteriorating.

Where to Buy

You can shop for Blue Sky Outdoor Living products any many retailers and also from the company itself. I felt as though I got good value for the price. Some online retailers offer bundles where you can get the fire pits and accessories together for a bargain. See my reviews to find links to those.

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