So, you’ve got your fire roaring and are surrounded by friends or family, what now? Camp fire games, of course!

What are good campfire games?

  1. Would you Rather
  2. Sardines
  3. Chicken on the Hill
  4. Ice Cube Race
  5. Sing Song Ping Pong
  6. What’s Yours Like?
  7. 2 Truths and a Lie
  8. Puppet Charades
  9. Ghost in the Graveyard
  10. Whistle Crackers
  11. Headbanz
  12. Werewolf
  13. Kan Jam
  14. Scatter Ball

Keep reading for instructions, including videos, on these simple, but super fun campfire games!

Campfire Games That Require No Equipment

1. Would You Rather

This game I love because it is able to draw in EVERYONE because who doesn’t have an opinion?? That is why it is my top pick in this category.

Number of Players: 3 or more


  1. Choose someone who wants to be the moderator through the entire game, or take turns.
  2. Think of two awful things that no one would want to do. Example: Would you rather eat moldy bread or drink sour milk?
  3. You aren’t actually going to DO these things, but every person has to say which they would choose and why.
  4. Repeat as many times as you want to

These can be as philisophical or outlandish as you want!

Here are some links to sites that offer long lists of questions, or make up your own! – More geared for teens and adults

ConversationStartersWorld – More geared toward kids – Adults ONLY (bad words and such, but good ones)

2. Sardines

One of our FAVORITE easy campfire games that requires no equipment, but does need space and the dark! Even the adults love this one.

The premise is that one person gets a few moments to hide and then everyone else tries to find them without letting the others KNOW that they found them!

Number of Players: 4 or more


  1. Everyone agrees on the boundaries for the game, where you can and can’t hide.
  2. One person hides and everyone else hides their eyes and gives them a few moments.
  3. Everyone splits up and quietly looks for the person.
  4. If you find them, you hide with them, but QUIETLY.
  5. Eventually, everyone will cram into one space like sardines.
  6. The game ends when the last person finally finds the group, and they are then the next to be “it.”

For video instructions, watch this adorable family, The Rayfords, demonstrate:

3. Chicken on the Hill (a.k.a. Chicken in the Henhouse)

If you a group of people who is ready for some rowdy fun, Chicken on the Hill is for you and it is a GOOD time!

In this hilarious game, partners try to work together and try to not be the last couple to get themselves into a specific pose. Read or watch below to get a better idea!

Number of Players: 9 or more


  1. Decide on 3 or more poses that two people have to work together to make and given them a name, for example, “Backpack” could be a pose where one person jumps on their partner’s back, piggy-back style.

    Make the poses as easy or difficult as your company wants to, and think up 3-5 different poses with names.
  2. One person is the “caller” and everyone else gets a partner.
  3. When the caller says “go,” everyone runs around and partners need to stay away from each other. You can set rules for that however you see fit.
  4. When the caller yells out the name of a pose, for instance, “backpack, the partners have to strike that pose and whichever couple is last to make it is out.
  5. Repeat until one couple remains.

4. Ice Cube Race

This fun campfire game isn’t EXACTLY equipment free as you need some ice cubes, but what campfire doesn’t have a cooler nearby?

Number of Players: 2 or more


  1. Everyone gets an ice cube that is approximately the same size.
  2. Each person tries to melt their ice cube first using JUST their body (not the campfire!)
  3. The first person to melt their’s wins.

5. Sing Song Ping Pong

Music lovers will dig this campfire game where knowing as many lyrics to as many songs as possible will bring you victory!

Number of Players: 3 or more


  1. One person sings 1-2 lines from any song they know.
  2. Any other player then sings 1-2 lines from any song that contains a word that was used in the previous song.
  3. Another player then tries to sing 1-2 lines containing a word from that song.
  4. Each song sung earns the player 1 point, and it continues in this way until someone gets 5 points (or as many as you choose).
  5. Alternatively, if there are 6 or more people there could be two teams competing where each team has to take turns thinking up a lyric.

Alex McDonald offers this great tutorial and example round:

6. What’s Yours Like?

This guessing game is sure to get everyone at your campfire laughing hysterically! There is a board game you can buy to play this, but if you don’t have it, no problem!

Number of Players: 4 or more


  1. Choose one player to be the “guesser.”
  2. Without the guesser hearing, everyone else decides on a secret word, but it has to be something that all player have, like tennis shoes, for example.
  3. The guesser asks “what’s yours like?”
  4. Each player has to give a one-word description of their item, but they also want to stump the guesser. For the tennis shoe example, some descriptions could be “smelly, shiny, bright red.”
  5. Once everyone has given their answer, the guesser has to try to figure out the secret word.
  6. If they can’t get it the first round, the guesser can request any player to offer another description.

The playmonster channel demonstrates this perfectly using the board game:

7. 2 Truths and a Lie

This classic game has been around forever, but that is because it’s easy and hilarious!

Number of Players: 3 or more


  1. One player thinks of 2 things about them and one thing that isn’t true.
  2. They reveal their 2 truths and a lie to the other players while trying to keep it a secret as to which are the truths and which is the lie.
  3. Each player guesses which they think is the lie.
  4. The player that gave the truths and the lie gets a point for every player that guessed incorrectly.
  5. Play as many rounds as you wish.

8. Puppet Charades

Everyone knows how to play charades, but if you haven’t tried Puppet Charades, you are in for a treat!

Number of Players: 4 or more


  1. One player thinks of a secret word.
  2. They are the puppet master and they pick another player to be their puppet.
  3. Without telling them what it is, they have to move the other player to “act out” the word, like a puppet.
  4. Any other player, including the one acting it out, can guess the secret word and earn a point.

9. Ghost in the Graveyard

This one is kind of creepy, but definitely a good time! It is definitely best played in the dark.

Number of Players: 4 or more


  1. Choose a designated “base” and the first player to be “ghost.”
  2. While all other players have their eyes closed and count to 10, the ghost hides.
  3. When time is up, all players split up and try to find the ghost.
  4. Whichever player finds the ghost is safe, but has to yell “ghost is the graveyard” for all of the other players to hear.
  5. All of the other players try to run to the base before the ghost tags them.
  6. If they get caught, they are the next ghost, and if no one gets caught, the ghost hides again.

That YouTub3 Family offers a great tutorial:

10. Whistling Crackers

This fun game also *technically* isn’t equipment-free, but the only thing required is crackers or a snack of some kind. Who DOESN’T have snacks at their campfire?

Number of Players: 2 or more


  1. Every player is given a cracker or some kind of snack.
  2. When someone says “go,” each player has to put the cracker in their mouth and start chewing.
  3. Whoever can produce a whistling sound first wins.
  4. This can be repeated with a different type of snack as many times as you wish.

BONUS – Best Campfire Games that Do Require Equipment

*I get a commission every time you purchase a product through my affiliate link below. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

It is helpful to have a list, like the one above, of easy games that you need nothing to play. But, there are a few bonfire games that do require you own equipment for, but that definitely level-up your fun!

11. Headbanz

This is my favorite campfire game. Don’t let the box fool you. It is a super simple game and perfect for even young children, BUT, it can also be pretty hysterical for teens and adults, as well!

You can play during the day or in low-light conditions. Perfect!

Number of Players: 2 or more

HeyThatsMike channel explains and demonstrates Headbanz really well in this video:

You can conveniently find Headbanz on Amazon. Check the current price here. This one is best for families, but there is also one made specifically for adults. Find that on Amazon here.

12. Werewolf

With creepy stories, deceit, and the ability to play in low light conditions, his is a perfect campfire game! The only equipment needed in a deck of Werewolf cards.

A variation of this can actually be played with a regular deck of cards and you can find it by searching up the game “Mafia.” I have played both multiple times and found that the Werewolf deck shown in the video below makes it much easier for younger players, but both are fun. Choose which version is right for you!

Number of players: 5 or more

Listen to the creator of my favorite Werewolf explain how to play in this interview on the Grommet channel.

*There is a “Town Drunk” card in this Werewolf deck so when I play with kids I just remove those cards and it works just as well.

Find my favorite Werewolf cards on Amazon here.

13. Kan Jam

If you have NOT heard of Kan Jam and you like outdoor games, you are missing out! There is even a glow in the dark version perfect for low light conditions!

Number of players: 4

Kan Jam quickly explains how to play in the video below.

Fin the current price on Amazon for the Kan Jam set I own here. Or, find the glow in the dark version here.

14. Scatter Ball

Last, but not least, one of our favorite games to play at a campfire before the sun goes down in Scatter Ball! It doesn’t seem like many people know about this one, but it is one of those games where you will be laughing so hard that you can’t even run anymore!

Number of players: 4-6, but more if you double up on teams

Again, this game is OBSCURE (and awesome), but is available on Amazon. It was tough to find a video on this one, but luckily TTPM Toy Reviews came through!

Luckily, Scatter Ball is currently available on Amazon. See the price here.

Any of these fun bonfire games will make your next camping trip amazing! Enjoy!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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Only two of you? Here are ideas for campfire games for couples!

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