Burning campfire in the woods

Easy Way to Start a Fire While Camping: Fast and Foolproof

If you have ever tried to build a campfire only to have your wood topple over, you know the struggle. What is a fast, easy, and foolproof way to start a campfire? An easy way to start a fire while camping without having your wood fall over is to use the 6-Pack-In-a-Box method. Find the …

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Red truck with firewood in the back

Firewood Laws in Ohio: Moving, Selling and Burning

If you live in Ohio, or are traveling to Ohio to camp, you may be wondering what laws are in place for how to transport and use firewood in and around the state. This can be confusing as each state has slightly different regulations. I have summarized it for you below: You are prohibited from …

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When to Use Fire brick in a Fire Pit and When to Skip It

* As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If you look up instructions for building a fire pit, you can see that the number of choices for materials and different instructions for building can be confusing and overwhelming. One question I had was about fire brick. Some people say it’s a must and some …

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Campfire in a rock fire ring at dusk

What is the Hottest Part of a Campfire: Put to the Test

* As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Because I love campfire cooking, knowing how to work with the heat of a campfire is essential! Because of this I wondered, what IS the hottest part of a campfire? The hottest part of a campfire is the air in the middle of the firewood “teepee.” …

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Woman outside her tent camping with a campfire going

How Long Firewood Burns in a Campfire: Real-World Test

* As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. It was early afternoon and I was getting ready to start the campfire when I noticed that we had a pretty small stash of firewood. I wondered, how long into the evening will this little pile get us? How long DOES firewood burn in a campfire? …

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rotten downed tree in a forest

Rotten Firewood and What to do With it at Your Campfire

Anyone who has many campfires has come across a rotten piece of firewood, or many! The question is, do you keep that rotten firewood and throw it in the fire ring, or do you chuck it in the woods? Technically, you can burn rotten firewood, but it isn’t ideal. Rotten firewood doesn’t burn nearly as …

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How to Not Burn Yourself When Cooking on a Campfire

* As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Campfire cooking is loads of fun (and delicious), but for me, the only down-side is worrying about how I’m going to cook safely and not burn myself. I am planning several upcoming cooks and wondered, how can I pull this off without any burns? You can …

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open pelican 80 quart cooler

How Much a Pelican 80 Qt Cooler Weighs When Full

* As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. As I struggle to put my empty Pelican 80 qt. Elite cooler into the back of my van, I realize that there is no way I would ever be able carry this thing when it is full! I can get the specs of the empty cooler …

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friends around a fire playing good campfire games

14 Good Campfire Games That Will Win the Night

So, you’ve got your fire roaring and are surrounded by friends or family, what now? Campfire games, of course! What are good campfire games? Would you Rather Sardines Chicken on the Hill Ice Cube Race Sing Song Ping Pong What’s Yours Like? 2 Truths and a Lie Puppet Charades Ghost in the Graveyard Whistle Crackers …

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